Furniture tales

Restoring any antique piece of furniture is an interesting process. Some of the furniture we get has an interesting backstory. We try to retain these backstories as this kind of furniture intrigues people.

The chair in the picture below was found by a member of the ‘’Jaunā Rīgas’’ theatre. Even though it was heavily damaged it still had a feminine and delicate aura and theatres staff decided to use as a prop for the play ‘’Aspazija”.And so this chair came to our workshop and was restored to its previous glory. Now the chair has begun a new life and can be seen in ‘’Jaunā Rīgas’’ theater.

Jūlija Madarnieka made chair is no longer alone because in 2015 a copy was made. The chair was built in RAV and upholstering was designed in SIA ZOFFA. The upholstering was made from the original cloth using Jēkaba Bīnes sketches. Project was completed in cooperation with Dekoratīvi Lietišķo Mākslas museum. Where the pair of chairs resides today.

We treat restoration as science, art and work of highly qualified craftsmen. We feel immense sense of satisfaction if we manage to restore a piece of furniture.