Furniture upholstering

We offer both antique and modern furniture upholstering. Upholstering methods we choose according to furniture's style, function and age. Since antique furniture upholstery are fundamentally different from modern furniture upholstery, we use various works technologies.

Antique furniture upholstering

We upholster furniture which is made in one of the historical styles (eg. Rococo Art Nouveau, etc.) giving these unique pieces of furniture a new life and returning it to the original functionality, dignity and value.

As such furniture crafting in history dates around 80-90 years in the distant past, it is very important to follow the ancient upholstery methods, which significantly differs from the modern. Historically in upholstering of furniture were used spring and seaweed. This type of upholstery has an extremely long service though nothing is eternal. The only way to maintain or restore antique furniture is to put it in the hands of professionals.

In upholstering we use only high quality, one hundred percent natural materials, such as - seaweed, jute, cotton batting, leather and cotton. Upholstering furniture is the process of removing all the old upholstery, if necessary, and renewing the design. When a piece of furniture is ready, the upholstering is carried out according to each style of the furniture and historic properties. As required materials such as straps, bottom, spring, seaweed, wadding, outerwear, decorative tape are used to renew the design.