Furniture Restoration

LTD ‘’ZOFFA’’ is based on restoring antiquarian furniture with the aim to maintain the authentic values of it. Our craftsmen regard furniture restoration with special care. Restoration of furniture demands accuracy and specific knowledge to achieve furniture’s revival. Knowledge, experience and careful work ensures the revival of ancient furniture, keeping its soul.

The restoration of furniture is done based on the old methods that allow preserve the furniture’s reversibility which is the most important furniture’s value. The restoration is time-consuming and laborious process. In the process of the restoration the furniture’s construction is strengthened, facade – veneer – restored. The veneer is done by power float method using hot glue. Missing elements are restored – carvings, laths. The decoration is done at the end of the work.

We perceive furniture restoration as science, art and highly skilled craftsmen hard work at the same time. We feel real satisfaction when an old piece of furniture obtains a second life.

Why restore?

Each antique piece of furniture is unique and unrepeatable, with it’s soul and radiation. The funds invested in the restored furniture won’t be wasted but each year increase the value of the furniture. Besides interior that’s been improved by an antique is more special. Antiquarian furniture after restoration will last for many years and will be able to delight you as well as your children and grandchildren.

Our experienced craftsmen will help to restore the original look of your furniture!

After completion of the restoration work, we present our customers with restored furniture preservation and care provisions that are essential to prolong the life of the restored furniture. To make sure the furniture stays in good shape it is important to ensure optimal temperature and humidity indoors, as well as to avoid surface’s contact with heat, water and strong chemical and abrasive substances.